I do all of our laundry. I don’t like to do it, but I also don’t mind doing it either. My friend Shawnah told me that the biggest change when adding more kids is more laundry! I believe it. I feel like I could wash little boys clothes every day and it would never end.

Tonight I smiled during laundry. I smiled lots. I examined every piece of clothing that I put in the washing machine. I wasn’t examining for spots to spray like I do all my boys clothes, but yet I was taking in all the new colors. You see today my great friend Alison brought me a box of clothes for our baby girl. These clothes are all 0-3 and 3-6 and will be great for for my sweet baby girl when I go visit and for the next few months. I loved the pinks and purples and yellows and greens. They were all so sweet and girly. I loved them all! I can’t wait to get to Haiti and put them on her and take a million pictures of her.

I have been getting together clothes for Amos and now I can get together clothes for baby girl now too. I sure did love seperating laundry tonight … darks, whites, pinks & purples, darks, whites, pinks & purples, whites …..

I’m loving doing laundry tonight.

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