I have great friends. I mean seriously. Great friends.

Lately I have started running again. Well, I use the term “running” loosely b/c I run and walk. For me that is hard. My pride steps in and YELLS that i should NOT be walking. It tells me that I'm an athlete and athlete's don't walk. It tells me that I ran two half-marathon's last year and I should be able to run longer and harder than this. It tells me to STOP walking and START running.

BUT I have a great excuse. I have been pushing my kids in a stroller. Not a jog stroller, but yet just a regular ole' double stroller. One used for strolling. One used for mall trips. One used for the outlet malls. One used for zoo trips, NOT one used for jogging.

On the fourth of July our friends Steven and Maris were meeting us at home to go over to the Shingleton's for their party. While I was getting ready, Maris told me to come outside and look at something. I walked around the corner to our backyard and this is what I found:

Oh yes the BUSH'S and the INGRAM'S bought me a brand new jog stroller!!!!  Did you get that???  Two of my best friends in the whole wide world saw that I was trying to get back into running and needed something to push my kids in.  WOW!  Recently I posted about how I was getting back into running and was looking around for a jog stroller.  I got lots of great feedback from friends and my favorite one was from Kristen and she told me about this one.

You see Maris had run with me a few times in the old stroller and knew the pain that both  myself and my kids endured on those runs!

I am so extremely thankful for these friends of mine to gift me the best travel system that have blessed me so much for no reason at all other than that they love me and care for me.  WOW!  Those are friends.  Now it's my turn to bless someone.  🙂

I'm not sure who was more excited about this, me or my kids!  Cayden was so happy about our new running stroller!!  Maybe he endured more pain in the old one than Deacon did!  🙂

I brought my jog stroller with me to OHIO this week and have been running 2 miles in the mornings.  I usually do a 3:2 routine.  Run for 3 min then walk for 2 and so on.  I'm telling you, I'm so out of shape!  Well, I'm super proud b/c today I did run 3, walk 2, run 3, walk 2, run 4, walk 1, and then I ran the last 7 minutes without stopping!  That was huge for me.  Since I started running almost two weeks ago that's the longest I've gone without stopping or walking!

I love my jog stroller.  I love Bush & Maris.  I love Jimmie & Laura.

Jamie Ivey