We're on the hunt for cool kids glasses, or whatever that might mean. Cayden has worn glasses since before kindergarten, and Aaron declared that it was time for him to get some “cool” ones. Since I have been responsible for every glasses purchase up until now I'm thinking he doesn't think I'm picking out the coolest ones there, so I let him do the glasses hunt this time.

Can we just say this … it's hard to find cool and hip glasses for kids without spending their whole college tuition for something that will last a year, if you are lucky and they don't play contact sports.

We decided to try out Warby Parker, but they don't have kids styles. We thought the next best thing would be to get women's glasses and hopefully they would be smaller. The coolest thing about Warby Parker is that they let you pick 5 styles you might like, then they send them to you so that you can try them on. Then when you pick your favs you order them with your prescription. How awesome is that! You know that I hate shopping (um .. hello StitchFix) and so this was speaking my love language. Convenience.

Now … we got the glasses and I'm not sure any of them work. I have to send them back Tuesday, so I need your help NOW! Are these all huge on his face? I think most of them are. There's one that we think might not be too big and we all like, but I want to see if any of you pick that one.

Here are the choices:




Here's a picture that Aaron posted on twitter and Cayden was trying on a pair of glasses for him:


So … what do you guys think? Are they all too big? I know most of them are. There's one we are kinda thinking about getting, but still not 100% sure. If you have kids in glasses and you think they are cool and hip, where do you get them? So far we've always done Costco, Wal Mart & Target, so obviously those aren't working for us!