Here are our first family pictures with Carson. Good news is that Little Boy is not as scared anymore. Notice I said “as scared” anymore. He is still timid and likes to keep his distance from the new furry friend, but he did “hold” him twice after his nap. Baby steps. We're taking baby steps!
Family with Carson

Notice Little Boy's always got one eye on the dog at all times!  Big Boy could not be happier about our new family member.  In fact we let him skip swimming lessons today just because he couldn't bear the thought of leaving his new best friend behind while he went to lessons.  We did inform him though that tomorrow life is back to normal and we will not be skipping the lessons that we paid good money for him to learn how to put his head under water!

Family with Carson 2

Tonight Aaron and I are headed out on the town for a much needed date and Bush and Maris get the joy of watching all THREE of our children.  They didn't know when they said yes that we would have a dog too!  Oh well, they will get their dog fix and go home to their nice well behaved cat.

I'm off to the gym to run while my three boys have boy time with their new best friend!  I am so glad that we got this dog while Aaron is home for 2 more weeks!  He is researching how to potty train  a dog and he is on it.  I love how he was not too happy about this new pet last night and this morning and every since he saw him he has LOVED him.  He loves this dog!  Yeah!