I meet a lot of people that are thinking about adoption.  Most of them have been moved by someone's story, or a movie, or an event in their life.  Some of them have even walked down the adoption journey with friends and God has moved their hearts towards adoption.

One of the #1 questions that we get is “How did you know where to adopt from?”.  To have your heart moved towards the orphan and towards those that are the “least of these” is one thing, but figuring out where to adopt from and add to your family from is a completely other thing.

It is hard.

You look around and know that there are plenty of children here in our own county in foster care in need of families.  You look around and know that there are a staggering 147 million orphans in the world and that leaves you sleepless at night.  You see your town and know that there are lots of women debating on whether or not to abort or to carry to term, and that leads you towards adoption.  All of these are great needs.  Not one is better or needier than the other.

When people ask us what led us to domestic adoption, or what led us towards international adoption I only have one answer for them.  God led us to our child.

I know that sounds churchy, and I honestly don't know another way to answer it.  Seriously he opened and closed doors.  Led us to organizations and crossed our paths with people that led us down the path that we walked for all 3 of our adoptions.

I have asked lots of friends to share their story with you.  Not their whole adoption story, but yet how they knew where to adopt from.  You will see different ways that God led them to their child.

I hope that you will be encouraged by these posts.  My prayer is that someone will read them and the words will resonate in their hearts and stir them towards a particular country, or towards children in their backyard.

Join me every Monday as we hear from people that have walked the journey of adoption and are willing to share their stories with us.  Share with your friends.  Allow God to move through these stories!

Jamie Ivey