Y'all I am so excited to tell you that I am working on a new blog design. Well, let me rephrase that. Someone that is super talented is working on my blog for me. If it was up to me nothing would happen. I am pretty much technologically challenged in every way possible.

Anyhow …. as soon as I have something to show you guys I will. Here's what I'm wondering from you now. What do you love in a blog? I'm talking format wise, not just content. What makes a blog easy to read? What categories do you think this blog should focus on? What makes you go back to a  blog and read again? (Not just this one, but any blog)

In other random news, Story learned how to ride her bike this week! It was the cutest thing ever because Amos & Deacon helped her out so much. They were being so sweet to her and I wanted to bottle up that moment and keep it forever. They cheered for her when she stayed up on her bike, they picked her up when she fell. I was so proud of how sweet they were. Then an hour later everyone was fighting about something stupid. This is life these days.

I read this blog about using our gifts by Allison Vesterfelt that I think you will like a lot, especially if you are following along with us with the Restless Study each Monday night. Last Monday was on suffering and I loved it so much. I'll blog about it soon enough because I have so many thoughts on this subject.

Also randomly a chicken wondered into our yard on Wed evening and following the chicken were tons of kids from the neighborhood chasing him.  It was such a sight as all these kids chased after a chicken all throughout our backyard and front yard.  Finally the chicken was caught by his master and off they went.  All my kids were hoping we could keep it and cook it!


I hope that your Friday is awesome and you find moments to love those around you well.  Love your husband well, love your kids well, love your neighbors well, love your roommates well.  Love people well.


Jamie Ivey