I can't believe that tomorrow will be FOUR weeks until we leave for Haiti. It has crept up on me so fast. I think having Fedna here has made it get here way too fast!!!

I am constantly telling you guys about needs that Licia & Lori tell me about and you guys are ALWAYS stepping up to the plate and getting them met for them. Well I'm counting on you all once again!!!! I just got an update on what they need at the Rescue Center and clinic and I'm hoping that if we all work together and get a little it will turn into A LOT!!

large safety pins
contact paper
index cards
hard candy
art craft for the boys school
boys underwear (2T-and up)
girls underwear (2T- and up)
baby shampoo
baby lotion
hair pomade
spray bottle (like to put bleach water in to spray stuff down)
cheap plastic table cloths
rechargeable flashlights
rechargeable batteries
wind up flash lights

So there are the needs. The dollar store is a great place to get lots of this stuff. If you live out of town and want to help, don't spend money shipping this stuff. Send us a gift card to Target or Wal Mart and we'll go and use it to get this stuff for them. We'll wait until the end and see what we need more of and then use your gift card to get the stuff!

We're not taking any clothes this time, so we ask that you don't donate those at this time. We would like to bring them plenty of everything they have listed on this list.

I'll also be getting together a better list of things to take back for Fedna and her family. We're hoping to help them out with their greatest need right now, so I'll fill you in on that when we know more. A few things I know that she'll need:

diapers size 4

crocs like shoes (she's in a five now, but we'd like to send down a few sizes up too for her as she grows)


Eucerin lotion

I'll keep you up to date on anything else that they or Fedna might need!

I thought of some more stuff we could take for the kids in the Rescue Center:

soccer ball w/ pump

sidewalk chalk


jump rope

small cars and baby dolls