This weekend Aaron got into a house remodel spirit and did a few things around the house.  While he was creating a mud room for us I talked him into finally hanging my jewelry hanger that I have had forever and wanted him to hang up.


We bought the rack and hooks from IKEA a long time ago and now I’m glad we didn’t hang it when we did or I wouldn’t love the final product as much as I do now.  Aaron bought some salvaged wood from a backyard salvage store ( I have absolutely no idea what that means ) and we’re using some in our mudroom, which I can’t wait to show you, and he cut off a piece to put the jewelry hanger on.


Oh how I love this so much!


Before this my necklaces have just been hanging wherever and usually I can only find one, so that’s the one I wear.  They were hanging on door knobs, hat holders, rear view mirrors, or wherever there was a hook that I could find!   Now I want to buy more necklaces since I can see what I have going on.


That was project #1 from Spring Break.   Project Mud Room is still in process and I can’t wait to show you the finished project!!



IKEA HANGER W/ HOOKS:  around $5

SALVAGED WOOD:  around $5



What project are you working on over Spring Break?

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