Yes you read that right, today is National Delurking day in the blog world.   What this means is that if you read blogs and you never comment, today is your day to go and comment.  Tell them what you love about their blog. After I finish this post I will head on over to The Picky Palate blog and thank her for her gorgeous pictures and lovely recipes that I'm loving.  In fact after I leave that comment I'm taking my booty to the kitchen to make her brownie covered oreos for a dinner tonight.

Now that your mind is thinking about those oreos ……

I read about the National Delurking day over at Kristen's blog and I'll be honest I thought she was making up this day!  You see she's funny like that and I could see her doing that, but low and behold she didn't make it up.  I found out it is true and in fact others are also blogging about it!

Leaving comments is easy and for the blogger it's nice to know who is reading …… so here's your part!  I know that some of you read this and have never commented.  Tell me who you are, where are you from, how did you find this blog, why in the world do you read it and anything you want to know more about.

Maybe tell me about your kids, your job, your love life …. whatever!

Just for your enjoyment here's a picture of Cayden a long time ago in an elephant suit that was clearly too small for him!  Gotta love kids!