Happy Cinco de Mayo!  What a crazy, whirlwind, fun weekend we have had.  I do love full weekends.  I end them on Sunday's barely standing, but it's fun that way.  Fun to make memories and have fun!  Although I'm about to fall over with tiredness, I guess it's all worth it in the end, right?!?

Friday night was family night.  Aaron was back in town from a week away and all the kids wanted to do was to be with their daddy.  We headed to do what most people do on Friday nights, and we went couch shopping.  We outgrew our couch about 3 years ago, and we are finally making the plunge to a bigger couch.  We want a big L shaped couch.  We dream of lazy Saturday mornings (ha!) where we can all lounge around and ALL be on the couch at the same time and be comfortable.  That can't happen now, and we want that to happen!  So, I think we bought a couch.  We'll see in 6 weeks when it gets here!


Saturday morning was soccer games back to back.  My boys are getting so good and I'm one proud momma.  I think they need to be playing on a higher level league, but I'm also their mom, so of course I think they are good.  😉

Then we spent about 3 hours at the beauty salon for Story to get her hair done.  Our regular lady is out on maternity leave and I can not wait until she gets back.  The lady we used this time was good, but our lady is really good.  Story got some extensions put in, and she's super happy that she can now “swing her hair back and forth”.


Then on Saturday night we headed over to Contigo for their 2nd anniversary party and it was so fun!  Aaron actually entered in one of their contest for a new drink.  He was able to go behind the bar and create his drink for the judges.  I was so proud and he did great.  Unfortunately he didn't win.  Boo!  I'm certain he got 2nd!

Although I told him he's always a winner in my books!



Then the Otts kids spent the night!  Oh what fun these kids have together.  Also now Cash is calling Cayden “the big white one”.  Oh that cracks me up!


Then tonight I took the kids over to the Garza's for enchilada's and margaritas for Cinco de Mayo.  Unfortunately I have no idea what Cinco de Mayo is, except for it's become a holiday for Mexican beer and margaritas.


And now I'm off to bed because I'm exhausted, have a terribly long and busy day tomorrow, and oh tomorrow is my birthday.  Yes, I”ll be 35.  I'll have more thoughts on this another day.  35 is big people.  Big.

Until tomorrow I'll leave you with my first birthday card in the mail this week.   Yes, I get cards from the Chief.  Do you?


Jamie Ivey