Today our sweet Story girl will turn two and a half. She is such a joy in our family. I have said a hundred times that so many days she is our hardest child to parent, but there is something about this child that literally causes me to smile each time I look at her no matter what is going on.

She can handle her own with her brothers. She doesn't get pushed around easily by them. Her vocabulary is out of this world for a child that just got to the States 7 months ago. We are amazed at her thoughts and sentences that she puts together. Last night I told her to do something and she said … “well actually, momma” and began to tell me what she actually wanted to do. 🙂

She is a beautiful little girl. She is always stopped out in public and told how beautiful she is. I love it! She is for sure a beauty. Her eyes hold so much story and smile so much with her face.

Although she is a beauty, she is super strong willed. I love this about her and I hate it at the same time! I love that she will be a girl/woman with her own mind. I pray that her will and strong nature will be used to her benefit & God's benefit one day. If she allows God to use her and her strong will then she will be a mighty warrior for him.

Daily we are trying to get her to submit this will to her parents and to God. Only then will her strong will be used for his glory. Strong willed children are not bad, they are great. If they allow their parents and allow God to be in charge they can do great things.

Story – you are a joy to parent. I love you with all my heart! You are Papa's princess and my sweet baby girl.