For the past few days I've been able to share with you some of my experiences this week with Compassion while in Kenya and today my son, Deacon, wanted to share some of his thoughts. I posed a few questions for him, and typed them exactly as he recited them to me. My momma heart has swelled this week watching him observe, engage, and truly care about every single person he interacted with. Here are Deacon's words and pictures for you!

{If you comment, I'll share them with Deacon when we get home!}


Deacon, what were you looking forward to the most about going to Kenya? 

Well I was looking forward to getting the chance to meet our family’s sponsored child and also getting the chance to interact with him. Going to his home and getting to meet his friends and family. I was also really looking forward to meet new people and really explore their culture and life styles like what they like to wear, eat, and more about the environment they are living in. But most of all I was looking forward to helping Compassion free people from poverty through Jesus name.

What was it like meeting Brayan?

Meeting Brayan was amazing. At first it was a little scary for him the first day meeting new people playing with them a lot and going places with them. But once we went with him to visit his house every thing changed he was all of a sudden very happy. I was surprised how shy he was and then happy. I think it was because he was around his family, because he was also happy around us then too.

Soon after we met his dad and mom and all of his friends, his dad took us on a tour of their house. Their houses are very different from ours and smaller, but they seemed very happy with their small, little, cottage.

A few moments later we got to watch Brayan do an activity. He was going to milk his goat. And he did great at it. After that, his dad asked if my mom wanted to and she did and struggled with it. Then I did, and Bri did. And we didn’t do so good.

After that we gave Brayan his gifts and family gifts. They were very excited and they also gave us a few gifts. They were very kind and loving to us. After that we prayed over them and then left.

What will you remember the most about him?

I will remember how shy he was and his good smile and how kind he was. I will remember how excited he was to see us the second time and to go see animals with us. It was a great experience.


What do you hope he remembers about his time with you?

I hope he remembers how much we cared for him and loved him and remembers us when we come back! I also want him to remember everything we did and how much fun we had.

What did you love most about Kenya?

I loved the food in Kenya. Also the people in Kenya because they were very nice. And how happy the families were with their homes and how much they loved us when we came to visit their villages. I also loved the Compassion centers and how welcoming they were to us.

How does it feel to be a supporter of Compassion?

It feels good getting to help Compassion and interact with the kids in the Compassion centers and also getting to see how much Compassion has done in Kenya.

What was the hardest thing you saw?

It was the people living in the slums. They are not getting enough materials or water and food. Also, how poor they were. But most of them were happy for what they had and they knew that God had a plan for them.

What do you want to tell everyone that is reading?

They should sponsor a child so that the child can get medical stuff and food and support and also education, getting to learn about Jesus, getting the chance to write to their sponsor and talk with them. So, you should definitely go sponsor a child with Compassion.


I loved listening to Deacon recount things from the week. My prayer is that this week will forever be implanted on his heart, and that his desire to serve the least of these will only increase as he grows older. The best part about Deacon meeting Brayan and getting a first hand view into his life is that he is the one that choose Brayan to sponsor from the webpage. We sat down together and looked at all the kids at this center that needed sponsors, and Deacon choose Brayan. I can't wait to see their relationship develop over the years.

Today as we were walking through the market after saying goodbye to Brayan Deacon tugged at my arm and begged me to get close to him. He had something urgent to say as he pulled my face towards his.

He whispered in my ear, “You think we can come back and visit Brayan in a few years mom?”

I said “Of course buddy. Of course.”

I sure hope that's true, but if not, I'm confident that God has planted something in Deacon's heart this week. If you are thinking about sponsoring a child, and you are a momma, what a joy to sit down with your kids and allow them to see all the kids in Kenya needing sponsors and pick one out together. I promise the process will bring much joy to your house this Summer!

Bring hope to a child today by sponsoring a child through Compassion. By sharing $38 a month, you can make a dramatic difference in a child’s life – and you’ll be empowering the local church in the process. Release a child from poverty in Jesus’ name.

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Jamie Ivey