I have just had a CRAZY weekend that I don't even know how to begin in telling you all about it.  I want to tell you about our Fall Break and all the fun stuff we did.  I want to tell you about us visiting a museum in our town.  I want to tell you about ACL that was this weekend, but I will first tell you about my mom.



Thursday night Aaron and I were heading downtown for a TOMS event.  I was super excited to start my weekend.  We had that event that night, then the next day I was meeting my mom in College Station to give her all the kids, and then FREEDOM!  Aaron and I had the whole weekend alone at our home while we enjoyed ACL without having to worry about kids and babysitter fees!

We were on our way when I got that phone call that you HATE.  The one where your stomach drops during the conversation.  My sister-in-law, Kristen, was on the other end telling me that my mom was headed to the ER with chest pains.  I have been through this before when she had her first heart attack almost three years ago and it is so hard to hear these words again.  I couldn't talk.  It's as if my mouth was open and nothing was coming out of my mouth.  Kristen was reassuring me that she was in the best place.


We turned around and I threw a bag together and headed out to Conroe where she was.  I got the story as I was on the way to hospital.  My parents had been at the blood center to donate blood, because they are awesome like that and have been donating their whole lives, and right before they stuck my mom she started getting light headed and a very bad chest pain.  She got up and told my dad to take her to the ER that she was having a heart attack.  I'm still praising Jesus that they were in Conroe and not 30 minutes away at their house in the country.  I'm still praising Jesus that her doctor was on call that night.


They went in that night to check things out and put a stint in.  Long story short, the doctor couldn't put the stint in.  He was in there for 2 hours and vessels were spazzing and there was a blood clot.  He talked to us and shared that it wasn't good in there and he was concerned for a while.

She spent all weekend in a room and on Monday they went back in to try and put the stints in.  Cayden and I had driven in the night before and were happy to be with her a little the night before and morning before.

As we sat in the waiting room, minutes ticked by.  I tried to not be worried, but on the inside I kept thinking that this was taking way too long.  It should be easy.  Why is he still in there with her?

Finally we talked to doctor and he explained that in the past 25 years he hasn't had a case like this back there.  As a whole her heart is super healthy.  Beautiful, as the doctor said.  But while he was in there there were lots more spasms.  Ballooning was used to open stuff up.  Two stints put in.  A bunch of medical jargon that I didn't completely get, but I knew that it was hard for him, but that she was alright.  Praise Jesus!


She's still in the ICU.  There are a few more complications that have been bothering her.  I feel so torn that I need to be here with my family, but yet I want to be there with my mom.

Will you please pray for her?  Pray for healing of her heart.  Pray for healing from the site on her groin that's bleeding.  Pray for no other complications.






Jamie Ivey