Hey guys. Stephanie over at Adventures in Babywearing has us all talking about our mom's and posting a pic of them. Here is my mom:

This is a great pic of her and my dad because it was at little boy's first birthday party. My mom has not missed one birthday of the kids so far and she lives about 15 hours away! Last year for Big Boy's birthday it was just her, the kids and I. I was a zombie last year because I had a son just turning two and Little Boy was about 8 weeks old. Thank goodness Nana showed up to my rescue because I was pooped to the max. We would sit to talk on the couch and I would just fall asleep. That was a great time for Nana to be here.

My mom is wonderful. As I have gotten older I have begun to appreciate my mom so much more than I ever did. As a teenager you think that you know it all and that your parents are stupid and are out to “get you”! You also don't realize how much your parents love you until you actually have kids. Sometimes Aaron and I will be talking about our kids and how much we love them and we'll think, wow our parents love us like this too. It is a great feeling.

One random memory of my mom is from when I was younger and we lived about 30 miles outside of town. We lived in the country and had to drive into town for school and work each day. I must have been learning to read because my mom would have me read to her the whole way home. It might not have been the whole way home, but that is how I remember it! I would read out loud from the backseat and I was always amazed at how she would always know when I had missed a word or said the wrong word. I thought she could see my book from the front seat! I think I read enough books that I earned myself a Cabbage Patch Doll!

When I was in high school I was on leadership with Fellowship of Christian Athletes at our school. My mom did so much for that group. She put together folders, and would recruit speakers for the meetings as well. She was kind of a mentor to us and helped with all the organizational stuff. My mom is great at organizational stuff!

My mom is the queen of volunteering for stuff. Right now she currently volunteers at her local soup kitchen two nights a week and now at the food distribution center for the boxed foods I mentioned in a previous post. She is the first to volunteer to bring someone food or pick up someone for a ride. I admire that about her and hopefully some day when my little ones are not right under my feet I'll be volunteering more as well!

My mom is a food freak. I mean that in the nicest way possible! She only eats VERY healthy foods and it has some what rubbed off on me. NOT all the way because I still love my Diet Coke, Cheese Sticks from Sonic, lasagna, ice cream and cake. BUT she has helped us switch to soy milk, wheat pasta, and all natural peanut butter. Ha we're on our way to health nut freakiness! Ha Ha!

My mom has taught me tons about life. One major thing is forgiveness. My mom has showed me how to forgive as Jesus forgives us, not to hold anything against anyone and keep on with life. That makes me so happy and proud to be her daughter.

SO MOM if you are reading this – I LOVE YOU and THANK YOU for a great example of loving people and loving Jesus!