Last week was a crazy week around here. It seemed as though every night we had something and it caused us to stay out way past our bedtimes! On Thursday morning I was so tired that I felt as though I was a zombie walking around all day.

I picked up Deacon from school at 2pm and it wasn't worth it to go home and unload 3 kids only to load them back up in 10 min to go get Cayden, so we went straight to Cayden's school and were the first in the car pool line. I turned the car off, rolled down the windows and told the kids that I was going to take a nap. I told them to wake me up as soon as they saw any kids or teachers. I moved my seat back and went into that state of sleep that all of us moms have done a time or two. It's the sleep that is so deep and good, but you are also fully aware of all of your surroundings. If anyone got hurt or needed you you could snap out of it and be there in a flash!

While I was resting the boys started playing with my hair and I was loving it. I'm a touch person and if someone is touching me I'm relaxed. Then they found chapstick and put it on my lips. They were acting like they were truly pampering me. Then they did my hair more, and then they found some lip gloss and added that. Next they found lipstick and added another layer to my lips.

I started to hear kids so I sat up and acted like I had been awake the whole time and would never be a mom that naps in the car. The Coach came and walked Cayden to the car. He said hi to all the kids, we chatted and then we headed home.
I continued my “mom of the day” routine and fell asleep on the couch while kids watched a 30 min show. As it was over I went to get ready to go and meet Aaron somewhere. I walked in to the bathroom and glanced at myself in the mirror and that's when I saw it. Lipstick and lip gloss all over my lips and the area all over my mouth. It looked as though a drunk lady had applied her lipstick and had it all over her face. Yep it happened in the car pool line while I was sleeping, and yes I had a conversation with the Coach.

I could have died. Oh my word. Lesson of the week: Don't let your kids put lipstick on you while you sleep in the car pool line.


Jamie Ivey