Both of my children from Haiti have very important people in their lives that still live there and still love them and continue to ask about them and care about them. As their parents we will never disregard the people that loved them first. The people that came before us in their lives.

For Story, this is her Haiti mom, Marie. I have met this woman and I'm so happy to have her in our life even if it is very little. To be able to show Story pictures of me and her first mom together brings me so much joy.


For Amos it is his grandpa. The man who cared for him when no one else could or would. The man that brought him to the rescue center and continued to visit and love him from afar. I love this man and you just can't help smiling when you look at his picture! This is the first man that ever loved Amos, his grandpa.

amos grandpa & licia

I'm so thankful for these two people. They are the history behind my children. For that I'm grateful.

Jamie Ivey