A funny thing about me is that I'm not a very good cook, and in fact I don't even like to cook.  One thing I do like to do is eat though!  Lucky for me I'm married to a fabulous cook and at least once a week I demand ask that he cook a great meal for us!  He usually obliges and actually really loves to be in the kitchen.  He loves it so much that for the past two years his birthday gifts from me have been some sort of pot or pan and he LOVES it!

I do have a meal that is super easy for me to make, doesn't take forever, very little to almost none prep work and it's healthy for my kids!  It's stir fry and let me tell you there's not much way you could mess this up!  I buy a huge pre-made bag from Costco or Wal-Mart (ugh I hate that store, but sometimes I do shop there) and it lasts us a few meals.  I love love love love our rice cooker and we use it all the time!  Rice can go with just about anything and we have even used it to cook our quinoa in!

Get your rice going.  Get how little or much stir fry you want and begin to cook it!  It takes maybe 10 minutes.

I add a little soy sauce, some hoisin sauce, some peanuts, some pepper and we're good to go.  My kids love it!  They are getting veggies and it fills them up.  It's a win win for me!

That's my easy meal that is a constant go to around here!  What is yours?  I'd love new ideas for those nights that I'm forced to feed my children.  Yeah that's most nights.  Every night now that I think about it.  They always want to eat!!!!