1 – first run in my new neighborhood

2 – only the 2nd time for me to run outside since 2/14/10

3 – the number of times I stopped, walked and almost threw up

4 – the number of miles i wanted to run but didn't

Oh today was bad.  I went out for a run around 5:30 pm, which was probably my first mistake since it was about 189 degrees outside.  I took water with me and drank lots before I ran.  I was super excited about using my new Garmin Forerunner watch that I just recently bought.  It tells me my total time, my pace, my heart rate and my distance all on one screen.  It does hundreds of more things than that, but that's about all I've done for now!

My first mile was awesome.  I stopped by Maris' house to fill up with water and say hello to some friends.  When I got back on the road it was bad.  There I was jogging past Cayden's new school next year and praying the whole place up and down when I felt as though I might puke right there.  I decided to walk some and get some more water in me before my next run.  I would run and feel puke so I would walk.  Run and then feel like puke was coming up.  Gross, I know.  I was so bummed.  I refused to throw up in my new neighborhood so I walked lots.

The only funny thing that happened was when I was running past someone's house and there was a group of people playing dominoes and hanging out.  One guy yelled at me and I missed what he said, so I took out my earphone and waved and he repeated “nice booty!”.  Ha!  He must wear glasses but didn't have them on, because I have never had a booty and never will.  God just didn't bless me in that area.  Made me laugh midst my puke feelings!

I was totally bummed with my run and only got about 2.5 miles in.  Ugh.

So I need to get my booty up and run at 6am.  How the heck am I going to do this?  I hate getting up early.  I love staying up late.