My first job out of college was teaching at a private Christian school outside of Houston. I had graduated that May and searched and searched for a job and finally this job was offered to me and I was so excited because I took my usual vape cartridge for sale, and then they dropped a bomb on me. You see I had wanted to teach and coach, but preferably a sport I knew. Instead they hired me to coach middle school volleyball. Sounds easy enough, except for the fact that I had never played volleyball in my entire life. A lot of my friends had played volleyball all through high school, but for some reason I had never even attempted this sport.

So, I did what any other sane person would do. I accepted the job and decided I would be a dang good volleyball coach. For the last few weeks of summer I spent my time reading books about volleyball, watching videos about volleyball, and learning all I could about a sport that was so foreign to me. I also decided I would straight up lie to all my players. I never once told them I had never played, and in fact they never saw me ever hit a ball. I had my assistant coach do all of that. I had to make them think I knew what I was doing or they never would have listened to me.

A few weeks ago I felt this same feeling all over again as I boarded a plane to go and speak to some wonderful women in Indianapolis. I have spoken to women around Austin, and to women at my church, but this whole get on a plane and go speak in another state was a first for me. I was literally giddy about it, honored beyond belief, and scared to death they would see through my act and know this was my first time to speak at an event that I had to actually fly to.  I'm not sure what the big deal is, but when you leave your family, get on a plane alone to go and speak, it just feels a bit different.


It was a wonderful weekend for me. I met some amazing women from all over the country. People were beyond welcoming to me, and I think I fooled them into thinking I do this fly on a plane to go speak all the time. The picture above is from when I was speaking and you can actually download my talk and listen whenever you would like. The gals that run The Influence Conference are top notch and were a joy to work with.

I told you guys earlier that I was a bit nervous with all the teaching/speaking I would be doing this Fall, and I must say that it hasn't been too stressful. I mean, I'm making it! I just finished teaching STUCK from Jennie Allen to a group of ladies at my church and loved those times. God showed me so many areas in my life that I still tend to hold on to so tightly, and slowly but surely he's helping me see how to trust him more in the midst of those struggles.

I guess the first time you do something is always a bit more stressful, whether it's coaching volleyball, or speaking at a conference. Luckily for me I survived them both. I'd love to come speak at your event! If you are interested in bringing me in, check out THIS PAGE and hopefully something will work out!