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I struggle with making decisions.  Ask me where I want to eat, and it's usually wherever you would like to go.  Ask me what I want to do tonight, and it's usually whatever you want to do.  Tell me I have to go to two fancy dinners two nights in a row and I lose it on what to wear.  I call my friends and beg to borrow clothes, I head to the fancy store, Target, to look for a new dress, and bring out all the dresses I have that might work.

Then I have to pick one, and picking one is too stressful for me.  I almost can't do it.  So, I don't.  I try on dresses, take pictures, text a few friends and whichever one they tell me to buy then I do.  It's easy and it's fun.

Friday I found four dresses I liked, and of course couldn't make a decision so I started texting.  I sent them pictures and the majority would win.

rehersalThe majority won, and I walked out of Kohl's with dress #3.  I loved them all, so I just needed them to tell me which one to wear.  This dress was going to be worn to the wedding on Saturday night.

That brought me to another dilemma.  What to wear on Friday to the rehearsal dinner.  So, what did I do?  I texted my girls again and let them help me out.

rehersal2They all liked #1 without the jacket, but without the jacket it was too casual, so I went with my go-to-wedding-dress #4 and rocked it.  That dress is from H&M and I have gotten such good wear out of that for nicer events.  I'm not very fancy, so that's about as fancy as it gets around here.


So, another dilemma occurred when I tried the dress on from Kohl's to show Aaron.  I put it on and put on my heels and all of a sudden it was about 10x shorter than I remembered in the dressing room.  Aaron loved it, of course, but we both agreed that it might not be appropriate for the wedding.  I got such a great deal on it, that I'm gonna keep it and rock it one night on the town with my man, but not for the wedding.

So, now back to square one with not knowing what to wear to the wedding.  Once again I'm pulling out my trusty wedding dress #2 that's been worn to a few weddings, and don't think it would let me down!  It's #2 in the pics above.  I first wore that dress to Jimmie & Laura's wedding way back in the day.  Loved it then, and still love it now! Look at us below.  Babies is what we look like.  Now between the 3 of us we have 8 babies ourselves.


So, after a moment of complete stupidity of pouting in my closet over not having a new dress to wear to the wedding I rocked this oldie-but-a-goodie dress.  I actually said these words out loud to Aaron, “EVERYONE will have a new dress, but me”.  He then politely told me that was stupid and we don't get a new dress for every event.  Oh help me, because Lord knows I know that, but I get all in a crazy state of mind and think I deserve something new each time I go out.  Crazy talk people.

My friend Angela saw me at the wedding and her exact words were, “I love your dress, is it new?” and I nearly kissed her right then on the spot.  I know I don't need a new dress for each event, but that thought always attacks me when I'm getting ready.

Oh silly, Jamie.  I bet none of you deal with this ever?!?

wedding night

The wedding was amazingly wonderful and beautiful.  Grace and Philip are married and enjoying themselves on some far away beach.  I had a great time with my man, and I must say Aaron in a tux is one of my favorite looks ever on him.  Love my man!  Also the truth is still the same.  It wasn't my wedding and no one was looking at me.  Why the drama over picking out a dress to wear?!?!?!

That was the dress dilemma this weekend.  Please tell me I'm not alone in this.  Surely other ladies out there struggle with this feeling of “have to have something new each time I go to a special event” …. or am I alone here?  I shopped and borrowed and ended up wearing two dresses from my very own closet.  Go figure.