I just did one of the craziest things I've ever done yesterday.  Well, now that I think about it maybe it's not that crazy, but it is kind of out of the blue for me.  A few weeks ago I was listening to my favorite radio station here in Austin and I heard them announce that they are looking for a new morning dj to complete the morning show with the dj that's already there.  My stomach turned a few time and I told myself that I was gonna do it.

From then on I would literally dream about being a dj every single night.  No lie.  I would think about what I would say.  I would imagine talking to Bob Cole in the morning.  I dreamed that I met Bob Cole on a cruise ship and told him that I was gonna be his next co-host.  Also in that dream I dreamed that Harold was on that cruise and we left him in Mexico.  Weird, I know!

Anyhow to say that this dj audition was beginning to consume my thoughts is an understatement.  I was thinking about my “new job” constantly.

Then yesterday I finally made my demo tape.  I talked my very sick husband into helping me record it.  I had already written it out and after my first take I realized it was 2 minutes long and needed to be under sixty seconds.  So, I began to cut stuff out.  Tweak it.  Then finally I had 60 seconds.  It was done.  I tried to be myself.  Tried to portray my personality and just tried to have fun!  Aaron told me I needed to be perky, so perky I was!  I got one of my favorite Matt McCloskey songs and added it to the background and it was done.

Done.  I did it.  I did the demo that I had been dreaming about.

Now I had to send it in.  Oh now I was super nervous.  I listened to it a hundred times and found a hundred things that made me sound stupid and ridiculous.  I had my 1000 word essay typed out really selling myself to them and telling them that they needed me and I would be the best for Bob in the mornings.  Confidence.  That's what I was portraying.  OH Geez Louise I was nervous when I put it all in an email and clicked send.

I sent it.


I did it.

Made the demo.

Wrote the essay.
Emailed it all in.

UGH.  I thought I would not be nervous anymore, but now I was super nervous.  I had put myself out there.  They are supposedly putting all the entries onto the internet for YOU guys to vote.  So now all of America will hear me.  Oh gracious what have I done!

Last night I had another dream about being a dj.  This time they were playing my audition tape on the air and Bob and his friends were making fun of me.  It was a nightmare! I literally woke up in a deep sweat.

So the truth is that I would LOVE to be a dj.  Are you kidding, this seems like the job of a lifetime.  Get to talk each morning about all the stuff going on in the world.  Get to have fun, laugh, tell funny stories and meet new people all the time.  Go to work SUPER early and be home in time to pick up kids from school and be mom.  Go to events and represent the radio station …. oh how fun!

So, I'm about 99.99999% sure I won't get this job, but a girl can dream, right.  It would be so fun and I think I would be really good at it!

Jamie Ivey