We're at the beach this week and I am LOVING it.  My boys are at such a fun age and I must say this is the best beach trip we've ever had with them.  Cayden is a champ and LOVES going to the beach and playing in the water and sand.  Deacon is learning.  He would stay all day in the kiddie pool (which rocks for my two boys that don't know how to swim – I know bad mom!) and that is fine with me.  He's not the biggest fan of the sand.  He claims it hurts his feet.  🙂

My two favorite things to do at the beach are these:

  1. Sit by the pool, that looks over the beach,and read all day long while becoming a golden brown.  I want my ipod in and a cold drink to quench my thirst.  I don't want to have any agenda or thing to do.  Just sit, soak up the rays, read a great book and be still, and doze off to sleep every once in a while too.
  2. Go to a great seafood restaurant that overlooks some sort of water and eat fabulous seafood.  Fried shrimp would be my food of choice!

So far I've been at the beach for 2.5 days and neither of these things has happened.  Oh don't get my wrong I've been by the pool both days, but each time has involved watching two children.  I can't take my eyes off Deacon.  Today he was gone in an instant and on the other end of the pool, 6 feet deep mind you and he can NOT swim, about to crawl in.  Oh my.

The thing is that neither one of my top two things for the beach has happened and this has been an incredible trip so far.  The boys are the best part of this trip for me.  They literally wake up asking for the beach.  They are so excited and would stay out there all day long if we let them.  I love the beach.  These boys are loving it and that makes me one happy momma!

Jamie Ivey