Last week Aaron told me had a surprise for me and that we were going away for the weekend. OH MY WORD did this make me happy! First of all, I love surprises, and second I love getting away with my man.  We are beyond blessed and are able to do this often and it truly is so fabulous for me.

He told me to pack a bag and that it all started on Friday.  So, between the hours of 4 & 6 all of my kids disappeared to friends houses that Aaron had arranged.  They were beyond excited and I acted sad to see them go, but on the inside was joyous for my weekend ahead.

Friday night we celebrated a dear friends birthday and then we went to Alamo Drafthouse to see Oblivion.  The movie was … Well, I can't even rate the movie because we both slept through most of it.  Dang.  The last time we went to a movie that started at 10:45 we also slept through the whole thing.  What a waste.  The thing is that this time the waitress actually woke me up.  Which at the time I was so mad that she did that.  As if I was bothering anyone.  I paid my money.  Ate my fried pickles and then took a nap.  Big deal.  Then it hit me, that the reason she probably woke me up was that I was bothering someone. Y'all what if I was snoring right there in the movie theatre.  OH MY WORD I am still embarrassed about this thought.  UGH.  Packed theatre and the person next to you is snoring.  So embarrassing.

So, Saturday morning we slept in (because we were kidless!) and then hit the road.  I had no idea where we were headed, I was just so excited. I suspected Fredricksburg or New Braunfels, but never in my wildest dreams would I have suspected that he would whisk me away to  …. AUSTIN.  Yes, my friends, we stayed right here in our hometown.  We say all the time that we live in the coolest city in America, so we decided to explore places we had never been before.  It was awesome.

We started Saturday with brunch at Counter Cafe, and then headed to Violet Crown to watch The Place Beyond the Pines, which was an unbelievable movie.  So good.  One of the best movies I have ever seen.


From there we headed out of town a bit to the Jester King brewery and Stanley's Farmhouse pizza.  I will write more about all these places later, but I must tell you that this was my favorite thing of the weekend.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this place and want to take all of our friends this weekend.  Beer tasting and amazing pizza, what more could you ask for?


After that we headed to our hotel, Barton Creek Resort & Spa, which is a fabulous place to stay if you are traveling to Austin.  It's out a bit from the city, but close enough to everything as well.   We napped.  Oh my goodness, napping in a hotel bed is on my top 10 favorite things to do in life.  Yes, I know, I'm weird.

Then we headed to dinner at Lenoir, which I'll save my review for another post, but it was great.  I had one of the best dishes I have ever eaten in my entire life there.  Seriously.   Then Sunday morning we had brunch at Freedman's and once again were blown away by such great food.


Then we picked up all of our kids and started normal life again.  What a great birthday weekend this was for me, and let me tell you Austin has the best food in the world.  We went to all new restaurants along the way and were blown away each time.  I think Aaron and I are going to start a blog where we review restaurants in Austin.  Then I'll have a legitimate reason to eat at all these fabulous places!