Last Tuesday was the first day that I had all four kids in some sort of school. Did you read that right? Let's make sure you see the magnitude of that statement. ALL FOUR of my children were being cared for, loved and schooled by someone else. Oh praise Jesus! Mommy had 4.5 hours alone all to herself. About a month ago I scheduled something very important to happen on my first day of 4.5 hours of freedom. I made an appointment to finally get my tattoo on my arm. What a great way to spend the first day of preschool! I bet you didn't do something that fun on your first day of no kids!

I got my first tattoo when 19 and a sophomore in college. I had wanted a tattoo for a long time, but was determined to make sure I truly wanted it, so I waited a few years and then one night I went to a tattoo shop and came out with a tattoo in a spot that no one would see unless I invited them to look. Classy, right?!

Then about six years ago I got my second tattoo while in AZ with my entire family for Christmas. Oh yeah my dad and grandma were probably beaming with pride when all the cousins left their kids with the grandparents and headed out for a night of tattooing! I must say it was great cousin bonding!

I have wanted another tattoo but wasn't sure what to get. I may not know a lot, but I do know that you don't get a tattoo just to get one. You should know what you want. If you walk into a tattoo place and plan to check out what's on the wall for our next art, LEAVE. You will regret it. 🙂

When Aaron started his big tattoo last November I began to see the beauty and art in tattoo's. His tattoo had meaning and the artwork behind it was beautiful. His artist is phenominal and did such a great job of portraying exactly what he wanted his art to represent.

I began dreaming of a bird with a nest and eggs in it to represent me and my babies. I feel like at this point in my life I'm sometimes consumed with the fact that one day they will leave me. It scares me to death sometimes and other times I'm content in the duty of me as a mom. I need to train them well. Love them well. Serve them well. Then one day they will fly off on their own and hopefully I've done my job and they will know how to fly.

So that leads to this drawing from the tattoo artist:

bird tat

I loved loved loved it. I have had this for a few months now. Last Tuesday we started with this:


Oh that's the kids heading to school. Thought you would like to see this. I'm on the other end of the camera smiling from ear to ear!!!

So here's the tattooing ….



Those are fresh pictures right afterwards.

Here's one from today:

Photo 80

I took that on my computer, so hopefully you can get the idea. The tat is BEAUTIFUL. I love it so much! Right now it is itching like crazy. Any helpful tips for this? I have resorted to wrapping my arm to keep me from scratching it:

Photo 77

If you live in Austin, or what the heck, don't live in Austin and want the best tattoo artist around please give Wendi Ramirez a call. Tell her Jamie sent you. Not Aaron, but Jamie! 🙂



Jamie Ivey