So, we all have that one friend.  The one that has been there through it all.  The one that you can call in the moment of crisis and they listen, even if it is a stupid crisis.  The one that knows more secrets about you than anyone.  The one that laughs with you, cries with you and loves you for who you are no matter what.

I have been friends with Amy since 9th grade.  Well, we actually met in middle school but she was WAY TOO COOL for me then.  You see, she was on the “A” team and I was on the “B” team in middle school basketball.  In 9th grade we ended up playing freshman basketball together and our friendship blossomed.  After I got my driver's license I think I picked her up every day of school from then on out.  We jammed to Salt-n-pepper and picked up donuts on the way to school.  We had classes together, lunch together and both babysat for Coach Grimes.

Our senior year we both had boyfriends that were friends, so that worked well for us!  In college we stayed friends for our first two years.  After that I moved home and we kinda strayed apart a little.  We still talked and were friends, but our closeness was a bit gone.  In 1999 we both got engaged and scheduled weddings for the next summer.  She got married, I didn't.  The next summer I did.

I was her maid of honor, she was my matron of honor.  Still friends but not as close.  We talked a couple of times a month, but that was about it.  Then she had a baby.  Still friends, but not as close.  Then something happened.  The next year I had a baby.  All of a sudden we once again had so much in common.  Our phone calls were a bit more often and we began to enrich the already strong foundation that had been laid years ago in 9th grade.

Through the last few years she has become so much to me.  Daily phone calls between us are always a part of my day.  I love to see her number pop up on my phone.  She tells me crazy stories of her kids, and I share stories of mine.  We share our hurts, disappointments and whatever has just pissed us off that day.  We talk about our dreams, our passions and our life as single moms when both of our husbands are traveling.  I have visited her house every summer since we moved to TN.  We both were able to surprise each other for 30th birthday parties this year!

Earlier this month Amy joined us on our trip to Haiti.  This was a big step for her and I can't say how proud I am of her.  Not proud in a motherly way, but proud in a friend way.  Proud to be a part of her journey of stepping out in faith and trusting God to take care of her and especially take care of her kids while she was gone.  She did it and I'm sure she was changed for a lifetime because of it.

All this bragging on my friend Amy to tell you that she now has a blog.  Right now she's uploading her journal from her trip.  It sure is cool to see someone else's perspective from a trip to Haiti.  Everyone sees different things, feels different things and interprets things differently.  Go visit her blog. Show her some love.  Go back often.  Leave her a comment and tell her I sent you!

Here are some pictures I found of us throughout the last five years.

Amy and Mabry swimming.  This was my first summer to visit.  Mabry was one and Cayden was about 6 months old.

Cayden and Mabry watching tv together!  They are one year and 15 days apart.

Here we are at the pool that same year!

This was in December at her surprise 30th birthday party!  It was so fun to walk in and see her face when she saw mine.  I avoided her calls that day b/c I couldn't lie.  I just knew she would know!

Last summer at the carousel at the mall.  It was fun toting all kids around in her minivan.  This will be our last summer for us to all fit in one fan.  Hopefully next summer I'll have FOUR kids

This is at her sweet mom's house when they threw me a baby shower.  Wow!  I was huge and still had two months left!!!

That same weekend at a friend's wedding.  Cori, Emily, me and Amy!

Jamie Ivey