I have neglected my blog so much this year.  I think I'm just feeling like if I can just get everyone fed, keep clothes clean and read to my kids some I'll be doing good!  Now I'm auditioning for a dj job!!!  Hilarious!  Kristen Howerton is my blog hero.  She keeps up with an amazing blog, and does other writing jobs on the side and still is a fabulous mommy.  You go girl!

Last week was my big audition at KVET and it was a lot of fun!  I was super nervous the day before the person before me went, but when it was my time I truly did feel very calm and collected.  I slept GREAT the night before.  I mean the best I had slept all week and I know that made me feel better.

I was told to arrive at 6:45 and me never being up and driving on I35 (which you NEVER know when it's going to be slammed)  at that time of day planned for about 50 minutes to get there.  It took me about 20!  I walked in and was greeted by David Anderson and he asked if I wanted to read the paper, which turned out in my favor because later in the show I was able to contribute to a conversation because I had read about it that morning in the paper.  🙂 I read the paper for the week leading up to the audition and I LOVED it!  I'm pretty sure I'll be getting us a subscription!!!

When I walked in to meet everyone it was so weird.  I was walking into a radio station and about to be on air.  So weird!  Anyhow things went GREAT!  I was comfortable and Bob, Eric and David and they  seemed to be comfortable with me as well.  We talked off air and on air and things seemed to just flow well.

Aaron and I then went to lunch at Guerro's to debrief!!!  I told him that no matter what happens (and I truly mean this) I had fun and felt like I did my best.  I didn't leave wishing I had said this or wishing I hadn't said that.  I felt good about the whole thing.  It was fun!  I can now say I've been on the radio and I even think that is something that was on my bucket list!!!!

So what's next you might ask?  Well, this week they will announce the winner.  Can you believe that I have a 1 in 5 chance of getting a job as a DJ???!!!!??!?!?!  How amazing!  What fun!  If you missed me you can go to their website and there are links to videos from the day!

I know everyone probably says this, but truly I feel good about whatever happens.  I know that if God wants me to have this job I will get it, and if not then someone else will.  I did my best.  I entered a contest on a whim and who would have thought I would get this far!!!!  Crazy!  It has been very stressful at times, but also very fun and not everyone can say they tried out for a job on the air!!!

Here's my behind a microphone.  I could do this every day I think!

Bob Cole and me!

The gang in the studio!

Jamie Ivey