Y'all let me tell you something … I know nothing about music. I feel I should let you in on that secret before I tell you the three bands that I can't get enough of these days. First of all you will probably figure that out by the fact that you have probably been jamming to these albums for far longer than me figuring all this out in the past two weeks. Okay that's the disclaimer. Without further ado (is that how you write that?), here are the three albums I have on repeat lately that I CAN.NOT.GET.ENOUGH.OF. I love them all so much!


#1 DALLAS – my brother introduced me to this band and I absolutely love them! They are kinda popish (once again, is that a word?), and their words are phenomenal. I have no idea if they live in Dallas, or are from Dallas, but I would drive to Dallas to see them that's for sure. Check them out if you get a chance. You will love, I'm sure of it. They remind me of our boys Homestead here in Austin and that's a compliment because I love them. I love them so much that if I had written this post 1 month ago they would have been in my top three. So check them out too when you are checking out Dallas.


#2 PENNY AND SPARROW – Oh my word do I love the whole album, Tenboom.  It's the only album that I own of theirs, and I will forever think of the summer of 2013 when I hear this album, because that's when Aaron introduced me to these songs.  Every single song on here is a favorite.  Not one would I skip over.  They say they are influenced by The Swell Season, Bon Iver, and Mumford and Sons.  Those are some top notch bands, and so if you aren't familiar with these guys you need to be.


#3 JOHN MAYER – Obvious one.  Right?  Everyone knows John Mayer, but let me tell you that his new album, Paradise Valley,  is the only one that I have bought the whole album of, and I'm so glad.  It's on repeat non stop around my house.  It's what I listen to when I've been writing, and that's something that says a lot about an album.

Also, just for your enjoyment I found this featuring John Mayer's best tweets.   I have no idea if this is real or not, but it is funny.  A few are questionable (sorry for putting them up here dad because I know you are reading, or you stopped a long time ago because you don't really care about music!) and so I apologize ahead of time for them, but just skip over those.  Enjoy.


So basically there are my three favorite albums that I'm jamming to right now.  Go ahead and go buy them so you know all the love I'm speaking of!   What are you listening to?