This past Wed night Aaron and I were able to go to a great fund raiser event for MUSIC FOR THE CITY. What a fun night it was. I love “events”. I feel like after you become a mom “events” happen much less often then they used to. You have to find a babysitter, get a dress, get all made up and go out knowing full well that the next day you'll be pretty much useless as a mom! Oh but what fun!

So, my friend Kim picked me up and we headed to the Highball, which was awesome! We met our men there b/c they were one of the bands playing. I know I'm a little tad bit biased, but Aaron and the guys were awesome. I mean seriously Aaron is a great song writer, great singer and has the BEST guys in the world playing with him.  And those best guys have THE BEST WIVES. I love them all.

Okay back to Music For The City. I took this straight off their website ….

MUSIC FOR THE CITY exists to encourage and enable Austin's artists to give back to the community by partnering wtih charitable organizations serving our city.

Michael Barnes from Austin360 had a write up on the launch party …. head on over and check that out!

We were so honored to join them for this event. I wish them all the best in all that they do!


Me and my friend Melissa. She is great with child and absolutely a beautiful pregnant woman. Her husband Nate is the mastermind behind Music For the City.


My sweet friend Kim. Her husband plays drums with Aaron. We heart them!


The Navarro's and the Ivey's. Fun times!


Me with my man. Oh my goodness he's hot. I'm so in love!

Jamie Ivey