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Mother's Day Show + The Happy Hour 

One of my favorite things in the world to do is to share about awesome companies doing amazing things with anyone that will listen to me. It's one of the reasons I love the “3 favorite things” section in the podcast. I love hearing what people are loving, and I love telling people what I'm loving. Remember the Christmas episode that The Happy Hour did? Well, we're doing it again.

We're putting together a special episode of The Happy Hour specifically for Mother's Day. On this show my friend Emily Lex, will join me and we will share with the listeners great companies that they should think about buying gifts from this year for Mother's Day, and even throughout the entire year. This is one of my favorite shows to do because we get to literally chat about awesome things that we want you to know about. It's something that feels very real to me, and something I love to do with my girlfriends. The show will be its normal 60 minutes and in those 60 minutes we'll share with the listeners some copmanies that we think would be great places to shop from!


We are looking for ten different companies to showcase during this episode. Do you have a company that gives back to those in need, or is your company run solely by women, or are you a small business that needs some exposure? We want to see your product and tell others about it!

You will get great exposure on a show that is getting thousands of downloads each week. Each show is averaging about 12k downloads in the first two weeks, and every show continues to get downloads weeks and even months after it originally airs.

There will be a blog post on where we will include (1) picture + a paragraph about your company. Feel free to provide discount code for listeners.

If you are interested in this opportunity please fill out this FORM, where you will see pricing for this opportunity. To hear the Christmas show in this same format, listen HERE.


March 28th by noon all submissions need to be submitted.

March 29th companies that are selected will be notified about the show

April 5th product needs to be received by Jamie & Emily (will not be returned)

April 13th show goes live

If you have any more questions, feel free to email me:

Jamie Ivey