Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and I have some great gift ideas for you to consider! I want to make your shopping experience easy peasy! I asked some of my friends what they are loving these days or what they are wishing for these days, looked around my house at all the things I’m loving, and even included the list I sent Aaron hoping I score an awesome gift as well!


Rose-colored bags – yes, please!

Life is better with rose colored glasses, why not your accessories? The rose collection is handmade with hand-selected & dyed leather, creating one-of-a-kind pieces just in time for Mother's Day

With every purchase from Parker Clay you help create hours of employment for women in Ethiopia! All of their products create dignified and ethical employment, putting the power back in the hands of women who will change the world!

Two of my favorite bags from Parker Clay are the crossbody and the Desta Belt Bag. I’ve worn these two more than any of my other Parker Clay bags!

Use the code PC-JAMIE15 for 15% off your purchase!



Denim Jacket

I have had my ABLE denim jacket (The Merly Jacket) in the original wash for years, and I am now dreaming about the new sunbleached wash. I can not wait to continue to love this jacket for years. If there is something on this list that every woman needs to make sure they have in their wardrobe, it’s an excellent denim jacket!

Use the code: JAMIEMOM25 for 25% off everything at Able.

Since you have a great code, here are a few other ABLE pieces I LOVE! Nico Swing Dress – my favorite dress from them! The Bourke Crop Bomber Jacket is perfect for chilly nights in the Summer! Check out all of the Mother’s Day ideas from Able and don’t forget to use my code: JamieMom25 for 25% off right now!

Everyone needs that timeless black and white stripped shirt and Noonday Collection has my favorite right now. Handmade in India and the perfect staple piece for your wardrobe!

I am declaring these my summer travel pants: Athleta Retreat Linen Joggers. They are so comfy and have front zipper pockets!! And this my Summer travel dress: Santorini Mid Dress, which also has pockets and is breathable fabric.



I am 100% convinced that there is not a woman in the world that would not love a nice pair of pj’s! Gone are the days of sleeping in a ratty t-shirt and too-big boxer shorts. Nope, not me. I want to be comfortable and look cute too! 

I have all of these pajamas and love them for different reasons. 

Tommy John jogger & lounge set – super soft and has pockets!! I also have this set from Tommy John: a long sleeve top and short-set bottoms. I think it’s perfect for not getting too hot at night! 

Cozy Earth is a new set for me, and I love it! These are so soft and also have pockets! 

This romper from Athleta is my all-time favorite loungewear! It’s so comfy, and there were many days over the holidays that I never took this off! Your mom will love this one!

Does your mom have a lightweight bathrobe? My favorite one right now is from Noonday Collection and it’s light enough for the Summer and covers enough to wear downstairs to grab my coffee in the morning! It’s made in India and on sale right now!

Having the best pajamas is my favorite thing right now, and my eye mask is also a must! I started sleeping in an eye mask when we redid our bedroom, and it has so many windows, but now I sleep in this mask even in the darkest of hotel rooms!


Box of clothes

Maybe you want to get your mom clothes but you want her to pick out her own stuff, you could always get her a box of clothes from Evereve. I love shopping here and love it even more when they send me a box, and I get to pick what I want to keep. Someone shopping for you is simply the best!

I’m a subscriber to Nuuly, and this is where I rent clothes each month. You get new clothes for a month and then send them back at the end of the month for a new set of clothes. It’s my favorite way to make my wardrobe look fresh without buying new clothes! 



Show your mama your love for her with a new MAMA necklace that was made in East Asia. I’ve recently been wearing these earrings a lot: Kibali Hoops & Wonder earrings & Curio Hoops, and storing them all in my new jewelry case!

Put all the kid's initials on one necklace, and your momma will swoon! Use the code: JAMIEMOM25 for 25% off!



I can’t stop talking about this bag from MZ Wallace. I was gifted this bag, and I realize it’s pretty expensive, but I’m telling you, IT IS AMAZING. I call it my Mary Poppins bag because I can pack so much in it when I travel. It feels like the never-ending bag ready for all your things on trips!

I have this Able Backpack and get so many compliments on it. It’s handcrafted in Brazil with genuine leather and actually comfortable to carry! Use the code: JAMIEMOM25 for 25% off! 

If you listened to the recent series on Unreached People groups, you heard Jessica Hotz tell us about her company Elevate which empowers people with every purchase. Their DiMarco and Nomad are perfect for Summer travels. Use code HAPPYHOUR15 for a discount. 

My friend Erika told me about this BAG that she got on Amazon and loved! She packed it for an international trip so she could bring all her goodies home in it! She even buys it for friends and gets their name monogrammed on it! Great gift idea! 




I’ve seen all the young kids in these workout dresses and was convinced I couldn’t pull it off. And then I bought myself the Outdoor Voices workout dress, and I love it! So very much!

Stanley Water bottle – I jumped on this train last year and haven’t looked back. I have this 40 oz tumbler & this travel one that I take with me on every trip! Mine are all full of stickers so I don’t pick up the wrong cup when I’m with my friends! 



Under Eye Masks – Everyone loves a little love for their under eyes; these are simply the best!

Someone gave me this Lip Sleeping Mask for Christmas, and I can not sleep without it! It’s the last thing I put on right before I fall asleep. Well, right before I put on my eye mask! I might be addicted to this stuff, it’s just that good!

Frownies – I’m gonna be honest. I have not yet tried these, but I’ve been dying to, so I might just buy these for myself for Mother’s Day! 

This cleansing balm is my favorite thing to put on my face at night before bed. I leave it on as a mask, and my face feels so soft the next day! The best lip gloss that never gets sticky, and my favorite makeup product of the last year is my brow gel!



I splurged on this coffee maker a year ago and haven’t looked back! It grinds fresh grounds for you, or you can add your own ground coffee. It also allows you to make a whole pot or individual cups. I genuinely love it! 

We subscribe to Portrait Coffee and get a fresh bag each month delivered from them! It’s roasted in Atlanta, and a previous Happy Hour guest owns it, and he’s trying to change the narrative around coffee. 



Maybe your mama is a reader and you want to get her some new books. Here are some books I’ve loved recently, and a few of my all time favorites:

Don’t Hold Back by David Platt – this will be in my top 10 books of the year for sure!

Women Who Risk: Secret Agents for Jesus in the Muslim World by Tom & JoAnn Doyle – I’m reading this now and loving it!

For the Love of God by DA Carson – personal devotion and Bible reading plan

God Walk: Moving at the Speed of Your soul by Mark Buchanna – I just started this, but am loving it so far!

Born A Crime by Trevor Noah – I love memoirs and his story had me hooked from the beginning!

Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner – This story about growing up Korean American was so interesting to me.

The Kite Runner & A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini are two of my favorite fiction books ever. 

You Be You by yours truly is still $5 for the month of April!


What I want!

Here’s my advice if you are a momma, make a list and text it to your people. (or for your birthday, or Christmas, or anytime you want!) We’re too old to be getting our feelings hurt about not getting what we want. Send lots of ideas that you know you would love and you’ll still be surprised about which one they pick and you will end up with something you know you will love. 

May holds Mother’s Day and my birthday, so I set Aaron up quite well with my list! Here’s what I sent him:

Brooklyn Angle Pants from Athleta

Summersalt Bathing Suit – I’ve had my eye on these swimsuits for a while!

Word for Word pink sandals – so stinking cute!

Viibe Twist Slides from Sorel – my favorite sandals from last Summer were from Sorel and I wore them all over Italy. I need good shoes for my back, and these never fail me!

Outdoor Voices dress – I already have a black one, but I want another one in this color, and it’s on sale! 

Nike tennis shoes – this is what I hope he gets me!!! Even though I’d love all of these things I sent him, this is my favorite! Use code MOMSDAY for 20% off

Oh, and I also told him I want John Mayer tickets!! That is a show I’m dying to go to!

I asked a few friends what they had their eyes on, and here’s what they said:
Travel bag with laptop compartment and shoe compartment, a weighted blanket, a swim romper, a hot mess ice roller (that I immediately added to my own list!!!) and an acupuncture mat!

I hope this list has been helpful! Save this for all sorts of gift ideas for your ladies. Birthday’s, graduation, Christmas, or just a regular Tuesday! 

If you are looking for other great ideas, be sure to check out all of our past Holiday Gift Guide shows from the past few years!

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