As of Sunday Mother's Day is 3 weeks away.  I'm not the best at celebrating these holiday's each year, but recently I watched this video and I'm not sure if I'm hormonal or not, but it brought me to tears.

Sometimes if I stop and think about my life and how hard being a mom is, it forces me to reflect on my own mom.  I truly believe that you don't appreciate your parents as well until you are older in life.  I didn't appreciate their work and constant love for me when I lived at home, and it wasn't until I had kids did it really hit me.  When I have a hard day and feel as though I can't get it all done it makes me think about my momma.  She worked my entire life and still made dinner each night, still attended all my sporting events, and was still a part of my life.  I seriously don't know how she did it all, but she did. Thanks Mom – I love you!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas:

I thought I'd help you out and give you a list of some great places to get your mom/wife a gift this year.

1.  If the mom you are buying for is a new mom or a soon to be new mom, what about an awesome baby sling from Rockin' Baby.  Each sling that is bought sends another sling to a mom in need.  They've given lots of slings away to moms in Haiti and I love that!


2.NOONDAY – You can not go wrong with jewelry.  Seriously. This company is dear to my heart with their mission in life. They give fair wages to all their artisans and that means that when you buy from them you are making a difference. I have tons of jewelry from them and here's my favorite:

Annie's earrings

Annie's earrings

These earrings are THE BEST and they can jazz up any outfit that you might have!

3.  My sister-in-law, Joanna, makes amazing purses.  I have several of them and love them so much.  I would highly recommend getting your mom/wife something from her because you know that it's handmade and making a difference in someone's small business.  Check out her website and her FB page for even more options for purses.

ivey expressions

4. Hand & Cloth blanket – I have one of these and literally it is my favorite blanket I have ever owned. In fact I don't let the kids use it. They know this is mommy's blanket!

Our kantha blankets are hand-stitched in Bangladesh, a country where sex trafficking is prevalent. We use the artistic skills and gifts the women already possess to fight this vulnerability. When you purchase products from Hand & Cloth, you are protecting women in Bangladesh by providing dignified work. Through our vendors, the women are paid fair salaries and are able to send their children to school.

Hand and Cloth 2

5. LITTLE BIRDY CARDS – My friend Emily has created some amazing scripture cards and amazing new necklaces.  When you buy a necklace she gives a necklace to a women rescued from sex trafficking. What a way for you to give back when you purchase a gift for your momma or wife.

LittleBirdyCards LittleBirdyNECKLACE

6. My girlfriend Tiffany makes the cutest earrings and although she doesn't even have a shop up and running yet I want you to know you can order your lady some awesome earrings from her just by emailing her!  I have a pair of her earrings that I have been rocking a lot lately.  My motto these days is that no matter what your hair/makeup looks like if you have on some awesome big earrings you will look fabulous!  Here's me rocking mine:

photo 1

Tiffany is so nice that she's gonna give away a pair of these earrings to one of you guys!!!  All you need to do is leave a comment below and you'll be in the running.  How easy is that?!  Here are some of her earrings that you can buy:


To order your earrings email Tiffany: **earrings range $15-$30 depending on size**

7.  OPEN ARMS is a shop right here in Austin that employes refugee women to create beautiful clothing. These women now have a job, and are creating beautiful pieces of clothing that you can purchase. I recently bought my first skirt from them and I love it! I will wear it so much this summer! Your mom or wife would love this skirt, I promise!


8.  CLARO candles – this is a new organization to me that my friend recently told me about, but I love their concept.  Each group of candles represents a different cause. For example when you buy the water candle Claro provides clean water for a person in East Africa for a year. Each candle donates money to a different cause. Who doesn't love a great candle?


I hope that this lists helps you in your Mother's Day shopping. Happy Shopping!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway all you need to do is comment below!  I'll pick the winner on Friday the 25th!

**UPDATED** Congrats Emily!

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