Finding new podcasts is so fun for me. Just this weekend a girlfriend shared with me her favorites and I immediately added them to my podcast player. I love hearing from you what shows you are listening to as well! I listen to podcasts when I run (actually I'm usually walking, but that's okay!), when I grocery shop, when I drive and there's no kids in the car (which for some of you is NEVER, but just hold tight friends …. one day they'll all be in school and you'll drive alone!), and sometimes when I'm getting ready.

I consume all different kids of shows. I listen to podcasts that are strictly sermons, some that are about pop culture, some about women's issues, some about solving crimes, some about making podcasts, some about celebrities. It's pretty much all over the board, but it's something I love.

I thought I'd leave you with a list of the top ten listened to episodes of The Happy Hour of 2015. If you are new, I suggest heading back to episode one and binge listening until you catch up! I mean it's only seventy-one hours … no biggie!

10. Episode #43 with Emily Lex {Show Notes}

9. Episode #52 with Kirsten Dickerson {Show Notes}

8. Episode #49 with Jenn Sprinkle {Show Notes}

7. Episode #54 with Sophie Hudson {Show Notes}

6. Episode #48 with Susie Davis {Show Notes}

5. Episode #51 with Emily Freeman {Show Notes}

4. Episode #47 with Jess Connolly {Show Notes}

3. Episode #63 Christmas Special with Jen Hatmaker {Show Notes}

2. Episode #42 with Emily Lex {Show Notes}

1. Episode #50 with Jen Hatmaker {Show Notes}

There are your top ten listened to episodes of The Happy Hour for 2015. I seriously can't wait for you to hear all the amazing guests we have lined up for 2016 & I'd love to hear from you! Who would you like to see come back again?


Jamie Ivey