We are so proud of our sweet Amos for how well he has done in school this past year.  School is not coming easy to him.  Words, letters, sounds … those have all been a struggle.  Numbers have been a struggle.  I have worried about him and stressed over him getting left behind and keep in mind he's in kindergarten.  I worry about him never learning to read.  I worry about him never knowing what comes after 39.


We have been so proud of how much he has been trying to learn.  He reads at night and I can see him catching on more and more.  He has made more so much progress in kindergarten, and although I feel like sometimes he's so far behind, I have to remind myself of how far he has come!


Part of me is having to let it go.  I can do all I can to instruct him and encourage him and the rest is just him.  And I'm okay with that.  I'm okay that he's not on the same reading level with his brother.  You know why I'm okay with that.


Because he's Amos.


He's not his brother.


He'll never be his brother.


He'll always be Amos!


Look what my son was given last semester:


Oh yeah baby … MOST IMPROVED STUDENT.  I couldn't have been more proud if they would have said ALL A/B HONOR ROLL.  This kid is rocking it.  He is learning.  He is trying.  He is AMOS!

Jamie Ivey