Well, here I am 2 weeks into my January challenge of getting up each morning before my kids to get my mind and heart ready to wake them up.  My goal in doing this is to create an environment in our home in the morning before school and church that is not rushed or so crazy that we never connect with each other.  I have been very guilty of waiting until the VERY last moment to get up, and that leads to stress in my home.

Monday was my first day in the HELLO MORNINGS challenge that Kat puts on through INSPIRED TO ACTION.  This is a way to stay accountable with a group of women.  I have my group and we check in every morning on facebook.  It's kinda weird to be talking and saying Hi to women I don't know each day, but I also find it very comforting to know that we are all in the same boat of trying to rise earlier in the morning to prepare our hearts and minds to be the best moms that we can be!

Here's a few things I've noticed ….

  • I am truly enjoying starting my day in the Word.  This may not be where I study and dig, but I'm reading it and find myself thinking on what I read throughout the day.  Love setting my mind on things above first thing in the morning.
  • I still hate it.  I still cringe when my alarm goes off, and have yet to not snooze at least twice before getting out of bed.
  • I overslept on Monday (school holiday), and begged my children to stay in their rooms for 20 more minutes so I could read and pray.  They obliged and I was pleased.  I realized then, that I do like this alone time first thing in the morning.
  • Our mornings are so different.  In fact one day after I took the boys to school I come home and Aaron asked what was going on this morning.  He had heard me reading a book to them before school and thought it was crazy.  He said it was TOO CALM in the living room.
  • This is really helping Amos.  He's the one that struggles so much with chaos, and I find myself living in chaos sometimes, so this is good for him.

I'm two weeks in and as much as I hate it each morning at 6am, I am seeing the fruit and benefits of it and that makes me happy.  Anyone else out there trying this?  How's it going?