Happy Monday friends.  First of all, why are my kids up at the crack of dawn on Saturday and Sunday, but ole' Monday comes around and I have to pull them out of bed for school.  And yes, we have school today where as I feel like everyone around us is out of school.  Although I'm not complaining since we did have over 2 weeks off in October for Fall Break!  Yes, I love year round school!

Today I'm heading out for about 30 hours and you would have thought I told my kids I was leaving for 2 months.  Story demanded to go with me and Deacon was super concerned about getting to school tomorrow without me, and rightly so, I think Aaron got them to school late on the first day of school.  Anyhow, explaining to your kids that you need to get away from them without giving them a severe mommy complex is hard.  I told them I need some “mommy time” with no kids!  Oh this day could not come at a better time.  I'm tired.  I want to sit around with my two girlfriends and do nothing.  Nothing.

Here comes trouble:

Last night I made dinner for my kids and waited for Aaron to get home from church to eat some super delicious nasty quessadilla's with him.  Anyhow .. the boys devoured a whole dish of food.  How will I continue to feed these boys.  Anyone else have boys that are hungry every 2 hours and feel the need to devour all the food in front of them?  Send me tips.  Quick.  Healthy food that fills them up.  Please impart your wisdom on me now.

This weekend we went to a show.  Usually Aaron leaves me at home and takes someone that truly appreciates great music.  Me, I'm usually asking to go to a New Kids on the Block concert or George Strait, neither of those appeal to my husband.  But this show was great and I loved it, because I love David Ramirez and Noah Gunderson and they were amazing.  How can a show be so good when you just stand in front of us with an accoustic guitar?  They did, and it was great.  We hung with friends and boy do I love my girlfriends!  What a fun night!

I also love Austin.  Have I told you that?  Central Market might be the most genus thing that this town has ever created.  I sit and enjoy a glass of wine, while my kids make new friends and play soccer, and there is a swing dance party going on right beside us.  I love this place!

Amos gets up way before I do.  Anyone else's kid do this?  I never know when he's up.  The rule is you just have to chill in the living room and not wake anyone else up.  He does great and follows the rules.  Not sure how long that will last, but for now it's great.  Last week he created a fabulous birthday card for his teacher.  He did this all on his own.  I was a proud proud momma!

Hope you have a fabulous Monday.  A few more days and Thanksgiving is here, and it might be one of my most favorite holiday's of the year!  I'm a huge fan of dressing.  Not stuffing, but dressing.  There's a big difference.

I'm giddy about driving away with friends even if it's just an hour away and for 36 hours.