A day off.  That's what I have today.  A day off from being a mommy.

I LOVE being a mommy.  It is the second best thing in life besides being a wife.  I love my boys.  My boys love me and they really do bring so much joy to my life.

BUT mom's need day's off too!  Thanks to JImmie & Laura we have a day off and a night off!  We dropped the kids off today and we are alone all day and night.  Oh my gosh!  We are hanging at Spider House now, then we'll have lunch with the Melvin's, then maybe an afternoon nap, then dinner and then …. well we'll just have to see what happens!!!  🙂

I love being with Aaron.  We have so much fun together and he always makes me laugh outloud.

Thanks Jimmie & Laura!

Jamie Ivey