Aaron and I were blessed to be able to spend the weekend at some friends lake house this recently.  Anytime someone says, “hey I know you guys are busy, but we'd love to invite you to our lake house” the answer is always – yes!  Well, not always, because if you are a complete stranger and you say that to me, I will start chanting “stranger danger” and run away.  If we are friends, I will hug you and ask if we can leave right now.  Getting away from life and our kids is always relaxing and refreshing for us.  In fact I hold strong to the fact that I'm a better mom when I leave my kids for a few days and get rejuvenated to do all that is required from me as a mom when I return.

As I was packing I threw in my bathing suit because it's been warm here in Austin lately and I just thought on a whim that I might need it.  As I was sifting through my bathing suit drawer – which is not a big drawer because my wardrobe of suits is small – I grabbed my handy-dandy tankini and was on my way.

When we arrived at the lake house I was so thankful that God allowed the sun to shine the entire time and I was able to participate in one of my favorite hobbies.  Laying by the water.  In this case it was a lake that you couldn't pay me $500 to jump into.  Maybe $1000 and I would, but I'm still not certain.  The reasoning behind this is because when we first arrived at the lake house we were out by the water and some sort of carp-fest was happening and the fish were either fighting each other to the death, or mating.  We still aren't sure, but the water was immersed with huge carps and they were splashing around way to much for this to be a normal day in the sea – I mean lake – for them.   Anyhow, back to my favorite hobby.  Me + book + water + sun = best day eva.  And yes I just left off the r because that just seems to be the best way to say that phrase.

As I was laying by the lake listening to the carps recreate I asked my friend if she wore bikini's.  Growing up in a conservative, Baptist church this was a great question to find out how serious one was with their faith.  The good girls didn't wear two piece bathing suits and the girls that were always walking the line not only wore them, but looked smoking hot in them.  I was the girl with the one piece, but pissed and wanted a bikini only my mom wouldn't let me.  In fact my senior year in high school I remember one of the maddest I was ever at my mom was when she wouldn't let me use my own money to buy a two piece bathing suit.  My own money.  My first stop after meeting my new roommate my freshman year in college sure enough was the closest All You Need is Water to get myself the sexiest bikini an 18-year-old could wear.  I'll show her.

Anyhow she answered that yes she does and asked if I did.  Of course I did, but something happened last summer and I never put one on.  From 18 year's old I always wore a bikini and then the summer I turned 35 I couldn't make myself do it.  I thought about it last summer, and couldn't put my finger on it, but it just never seemed right.  I was 35 now, and that seemed like an age where you should start moving into grown up stuff (whatever that means!).  It could also have something to do with the fact that I've always hated my middle section. Finally at 35 I thought it's time to call a truce with the middle section and cover it up.

I have no feelings towards it one way or the other, but I wasn't feeling confident lugging my kids to the pool last year in a bikini. Not sure if it's because I'm 35, or 20 lbs heavier than I was back when I was 18.

I got to thinking today though about this and wondered what you think.  Do you wear a bikini?  Did you grow up with someone telling you it was wrong?  Do you think it's wrong now?  When is it too old to sport a two piece?  Or is it ever?