This morning was our last day of freedom before we are back on the schedule tomorrow for school.  Ugh. I see how parents start to love Christmas break, Spring break and Summer just as much as kids.  I think I might just start the countdown now for the next break!

This morning Aaron asked the kids if they thought mommy had a job.  They both said YES with such confidence.  They didn't even think about it so I was so anxious to hear their job description for me.

Cayden went first and told us that my job was to take care of little kids.

Lovely.  True.

Deacon then said that my job was to do laundry.

Once again so very true.

Your turn.  Go now and ask your kids what they think your job is if you are a stay at home mom or dad.  I can't wait to hear it!


*Picture from our new fav pizza place in Austin!