For some reason I don't have any time to write a blog …. BUT I do want to tell you that after two days I'm loving this new job.  I feel like I'm a working woman and let me tell you working a job and coming home to my real job of mommy is hard work.  You ladies that do this are amazing!  I have two days under my belt and I'm thinking my body is gonna need about 2 months to get used to the early mornings!

I did want to show you Cayden in this picture though.  I took this last Friday and I wanted to remember what I used to do in the mornings before I started working.  Last Friday was the last time for me to take Cayden to school.  I have been bummed about that part of this whole gig ever since the possibility even entered into our lives.  Truthfully the morning routine around here was not that fun.  I was normally running late.  Trying to get Cayden ready, breakfast made and lunches packed all while running late.  🙂  BUT those 7 minutes it took us to get to school were usually our only alone time we would have in a normal day.  I cherished it.

On Friday I got to school and told him that I was so super excited about my new job on Monday but what I would miss the most would be taking him to school.  I told him I loved him, and would miss our time together.  I do believe my eyes even teared up.  He looked at me like he was listening and then burped really loud!  Ha!  7 year old boys are all alike even in a serious moment!

So … I plan to give you a full recap as soon as I can keep my eyes open at night long enough. It's 6:45 and I can almost guarantee I'll be in bed by 8!  I'm pooped.  I wonder how many weeks it will take for my body to get in this groove?!?!?