Last Friday we were going about our morning as usual when we got a call from a friend with some very bad news. It's the kind of bad news that you never want to get. A friend that we've known from before we were even married passed away in his sleep Thursday night. Just like that, he was gone. He leaves behind his wife and their beautiful daughter.

Way back in our youth ministry days we did many events with this family. He was one of those youth pastors that brought Spur58 in all the time. We loved doing ministry with them and knowing them as friends! We haven't done ministry together in a while, but we had memories that would last a lifetime.

Tomorrow night we'll drive through the night to get to his funeral on Wed morning. I am so very sad that he is gone, but can't wait to rejoice in his life. He lived life and lived it well. He loved his wife well. Loved his daughter well. Loved his church well and most importantly loved his God very well. He was a life changer for God. He challenged students to live out their faith and share it well. I hate so much that he is gone. I hate that this happened. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why God would do this. I don't get it, and honestly I never will. I will never know why God does things. BUT I do know this. He is God. He is in charge. He does have a plan. He does love us more than we can ever know.

My prayers for Kim are so heartfelt these days. I have cried to God on her behalf this weekend. When I was running the half on Saturday I spent lots of that time praying for her and Hannah. Begging God to show himself to them. Begging God to be their comforter through this. Around mile 3 a rainbow appeared and I was reminded of the love that God has for his children. He has not forgotten us. He has not abandoned us.

As cliche' as this sounds, I know that Michael is in a better place. I know that no one that has lost anyone wants to hear that because they want the one they love back home with them where everything is fine and dandy. Michael trusted God and followed him well. He is with him now and when I think about that it makes me smile. It makes me know that one day we will meet again.

Jamie Ivey