My guest for The Happy Hour #394 is Michael W. Smith! Michael W. Smith is a multi-platinum recording artist, has won 3 Grammy Awards, 45 Dove Awards, an American Music Award, and has sold more than 15 million albums. He has also given back to the global community in so many ways, including through Compassion International! He recently released his first book on fatherhood, The Way of the Father!

Y’all, I feel like such a fangirl having Michael W. Smith on the podcast and I’m not mad about it. In this episode, Michael really dives into the message of his new book, which is inspired by his relationship with his late father. Michael shares about how he was raised by parents who loved the Lord, and yet he went through a season of completely walking away from him. After experiencing a near drug overdose in 1978, Michael’s dad was there for him, loving him, and pointing him towards his Healer. Michael truly had such a special relationship with his father, a man who always gave himself to love others. I love when Michael says “Some of the happiest people I know are the ones who give themselves away.” What a beautiful picture of the Gospel. Do NOT miss this episode and don’t miss all the fun things Michael has coming up in the next few months!!

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Jamie Ivey