Well would you look at this. I committed to writing every day for 31 days about podcasting, today is the 24th day, and I think I have written 4 times. Big fail. First of all, I am surprised I made it that far. Second, I feel bad for overcommitting. Seems like not a big deal because it's just blogging, but I kinda have a problem with over-committing and this is just another proof of that to me. Third, I really have discovered this month how much I truly do love talking about podcasting.

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Last weekend I was privileged to speak at the ALLUME conference about podcasting. I like to call this talk the “Big Picture of Podcasting” because I refuse to tell you how to technically create a podcast because although I might know more than you, I still feel pretty shaky with my technical skills. BUT what I can tell you is why podcasting is awesome, why I think you should start a show, why I think you can succeed at this, and all the things I love about podcasting.

I was thinking recently about what I would tell myself a year ago in my podcast journey. I started in May 2014, and would for sure admit that I didn't start taking this whole podcasting thing seriously until this past Spring. Here's what I would tell myself when I started this journey:

1. Take it slow. Learn things as you go and don't stress. I feel like I wanted to know it all before I could start. Just learn something new each week and before you know it, you'll know a lot!

2. Network. Find other podcasters and cheer them on. Find other podcasters and ask them questions. Find other podcasters and share their shows with your listeners.

3.  Find your purpose. I always tell people, make a show you would listen to.

4. Have fun! This is fun!

That's what I would tell myself. Basically figure out why you are doing this, look for others around you doing it, and have fun.

I asked a few of my podcasting friends for their ideas and here's what they would tell themselves way back in the beginning …

“No need for perfection. No one wants to hear perfect anyway. Stop all the planning and just take action–show up every week, talk from your heart, and serve your people.” Jacque Watkins from The Mud Stories Podcast

“It's worth it. The time you spend on interview prep, scheduling, recording, editing and show notes is no small investment, but it is so worth it. Yes, it feels like you're talking to yourself, but, trust me, people are listening, getting inspired and making positive changes in their lives. Podcasting will allow you to connect more deeply than ever before with the very people you hope to impact. Don't give up!” Kat Lee from Inspired to Action Podcast

“It took me 1 1/2 yrs to consider the needs of my listeners. Once I got to know them, it influenced who I interviewed and the questions I asked. That awareness generated exponential growth and personal satisfaction.” Heather from God Centered  Mom Podcast