I am the worst with baby books.  Cayden's is filled out for the first 9 months.  After that there is not much in there.  His book is super cute, but just not filled out.  Then Deacon came along and I tried and tried, but as of right now I couldn't even tell you where his book is.  No luck there either.  I even found a cute book that was great for children that entered your family through adoption.  At least I tried.

Today I found this great Memory Book on Cool Mom Picks.   This memory book looks super cute and even has two family trees.  I LOVE that!  I think I might order one for Deacon and try to start fresh with him.  If I succeed I will order one of these for Amos and Story too!  It is so adorable and I love that it has a place to record the first family tree that they have with their birth parents.

If you are an adoptive parent, let me know if you think this is good or have another lead for me.  Also, how have you kept information for your child that you have through adoption.  I think history and heritage is so important and I pray that I can get all the information about my children's first parents for them to have and cherish as they grow older.