Lately I'll do something and the thought will cross my mind that surely one of my kids will write a memoir and that atrocious act that I just did will be in their book. I am pretty sure they won't ask permission to write about me, but I'll find out from a neighbor friend in my nursing home whose daughter calls her to tell her that she just read this new book and she's pretty certain that the writer was talking about her friend in the same nursing home as her. Yes I have it already played out in my mind. Crazy!

I'm still reading that silly book that I bought over a month ago and she is always talking about her crazy “nervous” mom. Oh please don't let my kids remember me as crazy! Last night while I was reading to the kids I demanded insisted pleaded begged …. um I asked them to “fix” my hair while I read. For some reason Amos loves to do this and he actually is a great hair comber and that works out great for me. I sit on the floor and read while 3 listen and one “fixes” and we take turns throughout the chapter.

After I put the kids in bed I thought to myself …. oh my word that will for sure be in one of their memoirs. Ha! It made me laugh and I just prayed that the kids remember me reading to them and not that I would only continue reading if one of them was combing my hair.

Did I just say that out loud?

It's not that I'll only read to them if someone is combing my hair, but it's just easier for me to read when I'm relaxed! Ha!!!

Okay so you see one day one of my kids will for sure write bad things about me.

At least I'm reading good books to them, right?!