i honestly don't even have many words to describe today.  i will try, but believe me i really can't.

the airport:

it was fine.  i handled it like i had done it millions of times before.  nothing bothered me.  i waited and waited and waited for my bag.  no show.  then a tall and skinny black man is waking around holding up a picture of me!  i tell him i'm who he is looking for and he hands me a notecard.  it says this … jamie this is theadore, he'll help you, don't give him any money except for $1 or $2 for cart…. it was from zach who picked me up.  he is licia and lori's dad.

theo (that's what i prefer to call him) took my bags and wouldn't let me lift another finger.  then as we got outside two men started asking me if they could help and i kept telling them no, no no.  then theo gave them my bags.  what the heck?  i was a little nervous but then i looked up and saw a white man waving at me through the gate and i knew that it was  zach and i was safe.

we headed out of the airport and zach knew all the guards of the VIP parking section.   it was funny as he joked with all of them.

we then met troy livesay (go to their blog on the side of mine) and we chatted.  i'll be leading a team to the place him and his wife tara run this May and i'm so excited.

then we FINALLY got to the clinic and rescue center.  it took about 2 hours from the airport.  beautiful country, and very sad country.  it doesn't get any easier to see the sites you see as you travel through haiti.

when i arrived i could see licia, her boys and AMOS at the balcony looking over.  i was so anxious and nervous.  licia told me he had a fever earlier and had been sick, so he might be a little down.

he was.  he didn't want to look at me really and i took it very slow.  i hung out and let him have his time.  a couple hours later he was sound asleep on my chest and i whispered over and over again …. AMOS it's your momma and I love you!

story was an easy meeting experience!  she is lovely.  her eyes are just as big in person as they are in the pics that lori and licia sends.  she is beautiful and i have loved snuggling and hugging on her.  i gave her the brown baby doll and she loved it!!!  🙂

tonight at dinner amos threw up and like any good mom i caught it!!!  he is loving the toys i brought and after i go through my bags i'm sure i'll find more for him.

i can't explain how i feel when i look at him.  the love is overflowing.  i have kissed him so much and i love the taste of his sweat on my lips.  he is making noises while he pushes his truck around right now and it melts my heart.

we had fun tonight playing with the camera.  don't worry aaron i didn't let him hold it on his own!!!  he loved taking pictures and loved seeing his pictures taken!

i don't have long online, but want you to know i'm here.  safe.  happy.  very very happy.

i just toured the rescue center with lori and licia.  not an easy thing to see.  i have heard lots of stories today and tonight from them that are tough to hear.  these people are doing an amazing thing here.

if you get a chance, head on over to their blogs and show some love.  they need diapers too – so if you have a spare $30 send some diapers their way.

i'm off for tonight, but will have internet access lots so i'll keep you updated.