One of the cool things about my new job is that sometimes I get to go to events that I would normally never be invited to.  This past Friday night Aaron and I were able to attend an event hosted by Sally & Mack Brown out at the University of Texas Golf Club.  It was an event to raise money and awareness about Duchenne Muscular Distrophy.

Aaron and I had a great time and although we were way out of our league at the UT golf club we enjoyed ourselves with lots of great food and met some great people there as well!

Us and the McCoy's.  Great peeps!

Me and BEVO!

Vince Young and myself.

I got up the nerve to go talk to Coach Mack Brown and introduce myself to him since I did talk to him on the radio the other day and he was so nice.  I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture with him, but oh well.  Nice guy!

Colt also introduced us to Ricky Williams.

I will admit I do love celebrities.  On one hand I think it's cool to meet them and on the other hand I HATE how we idolize them and look up to them as if they are any better than anyone else.  I know it's a double standard and at least I'm admitting to my double standard.  They are just like us except they make a crap load of money for doing something really cool.

It was a fun night and although we are vegetarians (for me … most of the time!) we had to taste Vince Young's steak and I must say it was very good!!!

Jamie Ivey