Fedna and “Bear”, as he's referred to by us, are on their way to getting to the US for life saving surgery. They need to get here quickly and we are working very hard to get them here soon.

We have agreed to host Fedna and there is another woman that will be hosting Bear while he is here. We are blessed and honored to be a part of this little girls journey. We feel as though it is our way to give back to a country that we love so dearly. She can't get the care she needs there and so a doctor and hospital here are giving that to her. FREE! I'm still in awe of that.

Fedna will stay with us after her surgery to recover and then when she is well enough she will travel back to Haiti to be reunited with her family. Oh what a day that will be. Can you even imagine the worry that her momma will go through as her baby girl is away in another country with a family she doesn't know. I can't even comprehend that pain. I wish I could call her and in my best creole (which is nothing!) explain to her that we promise to love her little girl as if she were our own. We will cherish our time together. We will help her get well and then we'll send her home to her. I will take care of her and tell her each day how much she is loved by her momma!

Right now we're trying to get these kids here within the next week or two. It will take a miracle for this to happen. BUT as I've said before on here God is very much in the business of moving mountains these days. I'm choosing to believe this with all that is in me.

To get Fedna here we need to help raise some money for her flight. They already raised all the $1,000 they needed to apply for visas and do paperwork. Now we need to get them here!!! So, do you think you could donate a few dollars to help them out? $20? $5? $100? $500? Or maybe you have airline miles you would like to donate?

I'm praying for two specific things tonight:

  1. That we get the papers we need TOMORROW for their clearance here and that they can get in the right hands to get to Haiti SOONER than later.
  2. That we can raise at least $800 in the next week. I know that's a lot. Especially around Christmas time. Especially around the end of the year. Especially with the economy. I'm choosing to ask God this and praying that he will make it happen. Will you join me in praying? Will you join me in giving? Will you post this on your blog? Will you write about it on facebook? Will you tell your friends?

Here are the children that you are praying for:





Please send all donations to:

Medical Advocacy Team

PO BOX 340

Albany, OH 45710

If you can use paypal that is even better. Go to the MEDICAL ADVOCACY TEAM BLOG and use the paypal button on there. Be sure and let them know it's for Fedna & Bear's travel.

Thanks guys! Spread the word!

*****UPDATE****** Yesterday I got all the paperwork from the doctor and the hospital. They are traveling to a hotel in FL where someone will pick them up and hand carry them to Haiti. Let's pray it's all there and everything is right. Also last I heard the donations are up to $745! Amazing!

Jamie Ivey