I meant to blog about this after Story came home and I just forgot, but I must tell you now that Amos is home how much of a blessing meals are for us.  Oh my word.  On those days when we know a meal is coming it makes all the difference in the world.  No one is having to be in the kitchen when everyone else is playing.  No one has to think about what we can put together last minute.  No one is having to run to the grocery store last minute because we need something.

If you know someone that just had a baby, just adopted a child, just had surgery, just had a death in a family, just moved to a new home, or just needs some extra love you need to get all your friends together and coordinate meals for them.  It is a HUGE BLESSING and one that we are so thankful for!

I have found that the best way to coordinate meals for a family is through a website called www.carecalendar.org

Setting up meals for someone on this site is so easy.  As the coordinator you don't have to email people to remind them, you don't have to schedule the dates, all you have to do is set it up online and then email your friends a log in code.  Oh my it is easy.  I have set up care calendar's for two people in the last month and it was super easy.  Then people just sign up to bring meals and it automatically sends them reminders, sends the coordinator reminders and sends the people receiving the meals reminders.  Oh how I love this!

So, to all of you that are bringing us meals now or brought us meals when Story came home, we are so thankful!