Oh my word.  I am never telling Amos about ANYTHING until 5 minutes before it happens.  He has seen this pile growing in my office and keeps asking what it's for.  Finally I told him that we're going to the beach.  Oh my goodness is this child excited.  I honestly don't think he has a clue what any of it means or what the beach is or anything.  Every time we mention the beach he jumps up and down with excitement.  We also asked him if he wanted to go to visit the belly of a whale and we got the same reaction.  🙂

The one thing that I have not told him and will not tell him until we are about 10 minutes from our destination is that we are going to be staying with his buddy, Ronel while we are at the beach.  Amos and Ronel (& Story as well) lived together for many years at the Rescue Center in Haiti. They are sweet buddies and I can't wait to see them (and hear the kreyol) interact again with each other.

Getting ready to leave the house this morning has once again taught me many lessons.  #1 NEVER ever try to pack for a vacation while your little kids are awake.  It is too much.  They don't understand what's going on.  They  need you and you need to pack.  #2 my patience is thin this morning.  #3 asking kids to stay on couch while you pack the car.  Not working.  I should have packed all their clothes last night while they were sleeping.  I should have packed my bag last night while they were sleeping.  I should have finished laundry yesterday.  I should have put those dishes away last night.  I should have done it all yesterday!!!

Anyhow, I'm hoping for a relaxing week away with no laundry calling my name.  No house to clean calling my name and only 3 instead of 4 little ones constantly calling my name!  It will be fun to hang with Debra who also just had two children join her home in the past few months!  One through adoption and one sweet little boy through birth.

So, today we're off to the beach.  We probably will never get in the water.  We will have lots of fun.  We will rest and relax and have no agenda.  I love it!


*Amos & Ronel Sept 2008


*Amos, Ronel & Story Sept 2009

Jamie Ivey