Favorite May pics ….
this one is from a Student Life camp. I do not know who took this picture, but aren't these boys too cute!

This is from the aquarium in Chatt that we visited while at a camp. They were so amazed with the fish swimming that I think they both would have wanted to jump right in and swim.

Little Boy at camp with Chad, Jimmie and Guy. I am so in love with all the families in our ministry. These men are such a blessing to Aaron and I. They love our kids with so much love and I'm greatful for the Godly examples that my two boys will have right in front of them forever. Thanks guys!

Before it was too hot to even leave your curtains open we would spend so much time outside. We would eat lunch out there, dinner out there, color out there, bubbles out there. Everything. I love to remember my boys having fun outside and just being boys. Look how long Big Boy's hair was. I loved it!

This cracks me up! We had a garage sale and Big Boy went through and found all kinds of stuff that he didn't appreciate us selling. This elephant costume is for an 18 month old but he insisted on wearing it all day in May! The hat is for a 12 month old, but he squeezed his big head in it. Sorry to whoever bought that one! Then someone donated the Veggie Tales dolls and he insisted on “buying” them all too!